Healing Our Autistic Children

Julie A. Buckley, MD

Using easy to understand explanations of complex medical problems, this talented clinician outlines a strategic plan for biomedical treatments that address the medical problems of each child.
    - Elizabeth Mumper, MD, Medical Coordinator, Autism Research Institute

A tremendous resource for families... The author takes incredibly complex issues, makes them easier to understand, and better yet - provides the tools to implement effective treatments. I strongly encourage families to acquire the knowledge to treat and help their children. This will be your guide.
    -Lisa Ackerman,
    TACA Executive Director & mom to Jeff

Dr. Julie Buckley’s “Healing Our Autistic Children” is indispensible reading for all parents and clinicians seeking guidance for autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Buckley explains how biomedical intervention is not only helpful, but it’s a treatment that works.
    -Joey Travolta, film actor and director

"Healing Our Autistic Children" is must reading for parents of victims diagnosed with autism spectrum disease. It is a valuable resource for pediatricians, health care providers, and educators. Dr. Julie A. Buckley is top in her field and offers parents a tool to help them implement a medical plan to restore their child's health.
    -Richard R. Blake, Amazon reviewer

What People Are Saying About Healing Our Autistic Children...

When your child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disease ...Healing Our Autistic Children is the first book you should read. With a doctor’s expertise and a mother’s compassion and a lot of plain old common sense, she describes every tool you’ll need to heal your child – and provides the humor and wisdom you’ll need to sustain yourself.
    -from the Foreword by Jenny McCarthy

A truly must read book for parents and families looking for knowledge on autism spectrum disorders without going through years of medical school and countless amounts of research. Dr. Buckley puts the complicated world of autism into accessible terms.
    –Tony Pashos, San Fransisco 49er Offensive Tackle and HEAL Board Member

From a Reader:

Dear Dr. Buckley,

My son is profoundly gifted and was diagnosed as PDD-NOS at age 4. However, after reading more about giftedness, we thought his quirky behaviors were more a result of his giftedness than anything else.

After reading your book I gently insisted that our family doctor (an excellent physician) have some of the blood tests [you mention in your book] done for my son. While he could not do all of them, he did most of them. I got an early morning call from the doctor to tell me that my son tested positive for Celiac Disease and anemia.

I know that it will be a long road ahead for us, and there will be a lot of battles to be fought with medical practitioners and family, but I want to thank you for your clear presentation of what first steps a family can take even before they seek out a specialist in the biomedical approach.

With deepest thanks,


Chapter Titles

Gridiron Medicine
What is Autism? The Search for Acceptable Solutions
Where Recovery Lies
"Mommy, I Have Fleas": Yeast, Labs, and Supplements
Jedi Knights, Yoda, and Glutathione
The Air That We Breathe: Hyperbarics
Can We Chelate Him Now?
Have We Done All That We Can for This Child?
The Longest Marathon
Show Me the Science