Healing Our Autistic Children

Julie A. Buckley, MD

Dr. Buckley and family

Speaking Schedule

Case Report: Course of Diet Treatment in a Teen with Seizures and Autism on a Modified Ketogenic Diet (GFCF)
2012 International Symposium on Diet Therapies for Epilepsy & Other Neurological Disorders
September 21, 2012 Chicago

Advanced Therapies for Developmental Disorders
Caring for the Caregiver
Treat Autism Conference
April 21, 2012 Toronto Canada

Food: The Most Important Medicine
The Role of Hyperbaric Therapy in Autism
Curando El Autismo Conference
March 31, 2012, Puerto Rico

Autism- A Treatable Medical Illness
B.I.G. Autism Conference
February 2012, Pensacola, FL

Thriving Daily With Autism-
February 2012 Ponte Vedra Beach FL

Ministering to Families with Special Needs
Stephen Ministry Educational Series
January 2012, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

National Autism Conference-
November 2011 St. Petersburg, Florida

Dr. Buckley introducing Jenny McCarthy at HEAL's 2008 Mother Warrior's Breakfast

Meet the Author

A graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine and of the Jackson Memorial Hospital/​University of Miami Pediatric Residency Program, Dr. Buckley developed an abiding interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders when her daughter regressed into the world of autism at four years of age.

Her daughter’s dramatic recovery ignited a passion for helping other families similarly affected. She maintains a unique practice in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida combining neurotypical primary care pediatrics, a fucntional/​integrative medicine approach to autism spectrum disorders, professional athletes, and individuals of all ages devoted to restoring their health and optimizing their function.

Healing our Autistic Children was written to fill a need that became apparent as she worked in her medical community and with families from all over the world. There were communication gaps about how to heal children with autism that needed bridging. Mothers were struggling to help fathers understand how to start on the road to recovery. Parents were struggling to communicate with therapists- improving their child’s health was making therapy go faster and better. And busy physicians who had no time were perplexed by behavioral improvements occurring because of a diet and supplementation. So she wrote a book to bridge those communication gaps. Using real life analogies and patient stories, including those of her own daughter’s recovery, she presents the complex science in understandable terms and includes some of the seminal published medical literature at the end of the book.

Dr. Buckley is now a frequent national and international speaker at leading autism conferences. In addition to training other physicians in autism treatment, she has developed a patented antioxidant formula for peri-vaccination and peri-oxidative stressor use. Dr. Buckley co-founded HEAL! (Healing Every Autistic Life!), and more recently founded the HealthyUNow Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit that is building centralized, comprehensive care communities- virtual and physical- for children with autism and their families.

In addition to surviving breast cancer in late 2009, she continues to be actively involved in research and raising a family with the help of a wonderfully supportive family.

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    Chapter Titles

    Gridiron Medicine
    What is Autism? The Search for Acceptable Solutions
    Where Recovery Lies
    "Mommy, I Have Fleas": Yeast, Labs, and Supplements
    Jedi Knights, Yoda, and Glutathione
    The Air That We Breathe: Hyperbarics
    Can We Chelate Him Now?
    Have We Done All That We Can for This Child?
    The Longest Marathon
    Show Me the Science