Healing Our Autistic Children

Julie A. Buckley, MD

Abstracts and References

Show Me the Science
Here Dr. Buckley has placed the actual abstracts, author-created summaries of published medical literature, that explain much of the scientific basis for Healing Our Autistic Children. Each group is preceded by a quick sentence explaining in laymanís terms what the sometimes complex science discusses. Following the abstracts is a more comprehensive list of references in the medical literature.

Chapter Titles

Gridiron Medicine
What is Autism? The Search for Acceptable Solutions
Where Recovery Lies
"Mommy, I Have Fleas": Yeast, Labs, and Supplements
Jedi Knights, Yoda, and Glutathione
The Air That We Breathe: Hyperbarics
Can We Chelate Him Now?
Have We Done All That We Can for This Child?
The Longest Marathon
Show Me the Science