Healing Our Autistic Children

Julie A. Buckley, MD

Julie A. Buckley, MD

A pediatrician whose daughter regressed into autism at 4 years of age, Dr. Buckley's practice is now primarily devoted to recovering children on the autism spectrum. She lives with her husband, son, and wonderfully recovering daughter in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Who Should Read Healing Our Autistic Children?

Anyone who counts a child or young adult with autism as part of their lives can benefit from reading this book. Written deliberately as a short and easy read, this book explains what autism really is- a whole body medical illness- and offers solutions on how to help a child to heal.

Our Goal?

To efficiently and effectively communicate an urgent message- autism is a treatable medical disease, there is good published science documenting this reality, and to introduce the reader to the approach so many families are using to recover their children.

This reader friendly introduction to the medical aspects of autism spectrum disorders will bridge communication gaps:

It will foster understanding between parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, getting whole families working together.

It will help teachers and therapists understand why medical disease management will make their work with our children so much easier, productive, and rewarding.

It will explain and demonstrate to any reader, including pediatricians, family practitioners, and all health care providers the science supporting an approach that is working for so many children with autism today.

And perhaps most importantly, it will enable a parent to begin an initial successful journey into recovery TODAY with their pediatrician- a provider who is not a specialist but who has a basic understanding of where to start after reading Healing Our Autistic Children.

Chapter Titles

Gridiron Medicine
What is Autism? The Search for Acceptable Solutions
Where Recovery Lies
"Mommy, I Have Fleas": Yeast, Labs, and Supplements
Jedi Knights, Yoda, and Glutathione
The Air That We Breathe: Hyperbarics
Can We Chelate Him Now?
Have We Done All That We Can for This Child?
The Longest Marathon
Show Me the Science